Garden Cider Company

Based in Petworth, They have a simple idea, they make a range of hand crafted premium ciders sourced entirely from local, donated garden apples.

  • Elderflower Cider (4%)

  • Blueberry Cider (4%)

  • Plum and Ginger Cider (4%)

  • Raspberry and Rhubarb Cider (4%)

  • Dry Hopped Cider (4%)

  • Wild Strawberry Cider (4%)

  • Surrey Original Cider (5%)

Gospel Green Cyder

The multi award winning Gospel Green Cyder Company is based in Hampshire, the apples are hand picked from the Blackmoor Estate, and then transported to less then a mile away to the cyder house, ensuring supreme quality and taste.

  • Gospel Green Cyder (8.4%)

Silly Moo

Silly Moo’s Cider is a marriage of East and West Country cider styles, produced in Sussex.

  • Silly Moo Sussex Cider (4.8%)

Bordelet Cider

Made in Normandy, France

  • Sidre Brut Apple (5.5%)

  • Poire Authentique Pear (4%)